Pandapunks is currently under development as we are focusing on the quality of the art. There will be multiple features that we have yet to implement such as giveaway, merchandise, collaboration and so on.

We will provide to all of you the latest updates of our collections in social media and in this discord server.


We will release 3 PandaPunks of this series every 3 days.


You can buy a Panda from our Pentas official marketplace: 



You will need at least one Panda in a MetaMask wallet at Pentas.io for all our membership exclusives, including becoming a “Verified Panda Punks” in the discord. Verified Panda Punks are provided access to the members only channel. To join, type the number of Panda Collection at #panda-verify and you will be verified in a minute.


Yes, you can view our Roadmap in our discord channel and website.


Yes, we are currently on our second series which is Covid Series. We will introduce multiple series in the future.


Our floor price depends on the rarity of our Panda Punks. The price will be decided based on:

Common = 0.15 BNB

Rare = 0.2 BNB

Super rare = 0.25 BNB

The price may change from time to time depending on the supply and demands ratio.


Investing in our PandaPunk will benefit the buyer a lot. Our roadmap explained many plans in the future that will benefit Panda holders. That includes vouchers and merchandise.


Our Panda Punks originally symbolizes Asian people who are food riders as their only source of income during this Covid-19 pandemic. The idea of Panda comes from the logo of Food Panda and the theme color for our first series were also based on that. Upon discussion, we make an improvement in our Panda Punks design and finally change it to suit a more broad style.